Speaker Date Topic
Bob Rainville, Founder Everyday Leadership May 21, 2024
We support Everyday Leadership: what is it and how does it impact me?
Tessa Greegor, City of Boise Mobility/Transportati May 28, 2024
Getting around in Boise: e-scooters and other modes...how do they affect our community?
Amy Ridenour, CEO of Jannus Jun 04, 2024
What is Jannus and how does it impact our community?


Shirely Biladeau, President of Soropimist Boise Jun 11, 2024
What is Soroptimist and what impact do they have on our community?


Jeff Myers, ID Youth Ranch VP of Communication Jun 18, 2024
What's going on with ID Youth Ranch?
Kelly Crane, Because International Jun 25, 2024
What is Because International and what happened to the Shoe that Grows?