Speaker Date Topic
Lynsey Juel, Project Coordinator Mar 20, 2018
ID Honoring Choices: what is this and how does it affect me??
Neva Geisler, One Stone School: FIELD TRIP!! Mar 27, 2018
ONE STONE: 9th-12th grades, Making Students Better Leaders and the World a Better Place

Join us for a FIELD TRIP to One Stone School! 

1151 W. Miller St 
Boise, ID 83702 
United States 

This school has been making news with its non-traditional format, and making waves of GOOD in our community. 

Come and learn how it's done!

Bag lunches:  give your sandwich order to John Schubin before March 26th. 

Sarah Cortez, Account Mngr, BOI Chamber Commerce Apr 03, 2018
The Chamber's trip to CUBA! How WAS that??
Kurt Zwolfer, Exec Director, The Cabin Apr 10, 2018
What's new at the Cabin? What does it do for our community?
Lynn Bradescu, Founder Ada100 Apr 17, 2018
What is Ada100 and how's it impacting our community?